Something Greek

Greece has long cast a spell on me that I don’t want ever to break. I can’t think of what used to be my home without tearing up.

Bellow is the the bust of Athina, the goddess of wisdom, also known as Pallas and here’s a song, a very old song by Giannis Poulopoulos. love the lyrics and the music. I guess i am feeling quite nostalgic today:

The song is called Gyftissa Mera, (Gypsy Day), or as i used to call it, aspra votsala (while pebbles). It talks about the day that has left him with a feeling of loss as he watches over the sea. Image

New Start

So here’s the thing, I always loved books and art, and i started a career in books but it wasn’t going anywhere, and i never seriously considered a career in art. Then i found myself  well paid in a job, outside the book industry, that i absolutely hated. It got to the point that there wasn’t enough money in the world to make me happy. One ought to do what one loves, i guess.

With the support of my loved ones, i quit and i m starting something new. I want to contribute to the new reading experience that tablets are able to provide us.

Books meant the world to me growing up and they still do.  I wanna remake the reading experience starting with the classics, because they are absolutely magnificent.

I am starting small, with just a poem, The Raven, by Edgard Allan Poe. I will be posting the illustrations i come up with, till the whole thing will be available for download.

Hope you will like it.

The Raven

I am trying to do some illustrations for the Raven by Edgard Allan Poe.

Here’s what i got: