Things I Wish They Weren’t True

The other day, while me and Johnny we’re just about to step out of the door from his workplace he tells me “GET OUT!”

I look at him amused, I know he’s joking, but he’s going to get it anyway ,whether it is a slap on his stomach or a pinch on his waist jokingly and not too hard of course.

 I m going to strike back, he knows this, but he still needs to justify his actions.

“Excuse me?” I say

“I was just practicing,” he explains to me and steps back before I can take my revenge.

“Really? Practicing for what?” he could now see he succeeded in momentarily postponing his punishment. Will he bring it home? We both want to know as we get in the elevator.


“What if i need to kick someone out of my office or my house some day? It would probably be a once in a lifetime experience and I want to do it right!”

 He kind of won, as he has me laughing but being Johnny he has to try to make me see how undeniable his logic is.


“What if it comes out weak? Or worse, what if he thinks I’m joking? I certainly can’t say it twice. It won’t the same. I’d probably have to call someone else and kick him out instead. Do you think that would be fair to my manhood?”


“See, so i m just practicing on you, love. It’s nothing personal.” he says with a smile, “Unless you want me to appear weak.”

“Good heavens, no!”

“Good, now GET OUT! of the elevator”Image

The Raven – Cover

So this is the cover page for The Raven. One or two points may be highlighted, i haven’t decided yet, but this is basically it.



Still Drawing for The Raven

So i was still not sold on all my previous illustration for the raven.. so naturally i re-did them all,  and that’s why i have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Below is bits from the new illustrations