About Sharing and Tumblr and The Invisible Man

Is it expected of writer to be able to open up about every single detail of their life and put it on a blog? People these days, not writers in particular, seem to have a sort of easiness in talking about everything that is going on in their lives or in their heads. In some occasions people even  share every  meal they’re having with the world (not judging)

I don’t know if i envy them or not. On one hand, it should certainly feel liberating that one can open one’s heart easily to strangers, but on the other hand I write stories and draw as a means of expressing myself. If it was easy for me to open up, I don’t think i would be as interested in the art of drawing or writing as i am right now.

I have started a comic that’s a bit about me some days ago, and i will be moving it now to my tumblr account (http://bit.ly/cystumb)  and all updates will be done there. I should be able to update at least once a week.

I will save this blog for other attempts. I must admit it’s so much fun trying new things. Especially the e-books publishing thing. These are things i love doing and I have yet to regret leaving a career that was just not for me. I don’t think I ever will.

I am working on the H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man” now and I am having such a blast.

The illustrations and animations are coming along great. I just hope that people won’t drop their ipads, of i surprise them here and there…

And that is as much sharing as I am making today, below some first draft illustrations from The Invisible Man.

Zombie turnips out to get you (yes it's in the book)
Zombie turnips out to get you (yes it’s in the book)
Funny character
Funny character this Henfrey dude

Then I Discovered Books

books1 books2 books3

Then I Wanted to be a Scientist

Then I really wanted to be a scientist

At first all I Wanted to be was a Ballerina

At first all I wanted to be when I grew up was a Ballerina
At first all I wanted to be when I grew up was a Ballerina

Poe’s The Raven For Free (limited time only!)

For the anniversary of the publishing of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, we are putting our edition (illustrated, animated, narrated with sound effects) for free on the ibookstore. This offer is going to be available for a limited time only, so hurry up and download your copy



Cartoon-a-day: Armstrong is a Comic Book Villain

1--armstrong 2--armstrong 3--armstrong 4--armstrong



I did the above quite quickly. Could have fixed the wording a bit more. I will get back to fix it.

Some links for the above:.





Cartoon-a-day: Outsourcing to China




Cartoon-a-day: Music from the Past

1  23

Cartoon-A-Day: Armstrong

I have decided to start a cartoon a day. This is one more thing I will be attempting through this blog





I have so many sketches i need to brush up and i don’t have the time. So I will be posting them now as they are before they get treated as they  should. Warning these are all primary sketches, and hence not so good in my opinion.

Just a girl i drew out of my imagination
Just a girl i drew out of my imagination
god of love
god of love

Girl with Turquoise shawl

Girl illustration 2

god of war
god of war