Cartoon-A-Day: Armstrong

I have decided to start a cartoon a day. This is one more thing I will be attempting through this blog




9 thoughts on “Cartoon-A-Day: Armstrong

  1. I got over the fact that he doped. However, even worse that he lied about it and destroyed people that outted him years back. Says a lot about the guy’s character. Weak.

    Great comic !

  2. Nicely done. Lance is going to pay a hefty price now–maybe reside in a prison for a time. It is a difficult situation to find humor, but you certainly succeeded Cynthia.

    1. Thanks Slamdunk. I admit the humor is a bit accidental, a kind of bi-product of the disappointment not only from Armstrong but every athlete nowadays. Winning is all that matters these day, not honesty, not integrity, just winning for vanity’s sake. It’s nice to win, but it’s not everything.

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