The Entrepreneur and The Myth

When I  was still a university student, I wrote an article in the student newspaper about  how graduating students are searching for employment opportunities in top notch companies around the world and why  entrepreneurship can be an alternative option as well.

At the time, even though I  did not aspire to be an entrepreneur, I believed that all it took to  run a successful business is having  the will, and some experience and talent  because I had the idealistic/optimistic view that one can achieve whatever one puts into one’s head.

Some time passed since then and life is a  sequence of weird events because  here I am trying my luck at being an entrepreneur.

I should say that since the article, a lot of my  idealism was squeezed out of me– as it happens with every human being  as one matures, i suppose– but I still do believe one can achieve what one is determined to do;  the key word  here is “can, “not “will”.

In trying to make a business out of my “dream reading experience” I have been learning new skills and perfecting old ones. I have also been making new connections and reading a lot of articles and books.


One great book I read lately (maybe you’ve heard of it cause it’s been here for some time now) is The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber.

If anyone ever thinks about entrepreneurship, he/she should definitely read this book.

It basically says  if you are really  good at something and  you love doing it, and if you work really, really painfully hard for it to make it into a business, odds are you are still  not going to have a successful business, at least not for a long time (more idealism/optimism squeezed out). But there is hope according to Gerber in creating a system that will work for your business without you being necessarily there;  in managing to be all three at first the entrepreneur, manager, and technician in equal parts; and  in not making your business your entire life.

I am experimenting till I find THE system that works best for me, and  this is daunting. I ‘d much rather just be drawing and writing all day and making books fun to read. Managing the work flow, judging it, making plans ahead, studying the market and etc. is  certainly not the fun part, but still an essential part of the process.

It’s a good book.  Oddly enough, I started going faithfully to the gym because of it, but that’s a another story for another time.

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