What if The Invisible Man and Dr Jekyll/ Mr.Hyde Teamed up?

I have often thought of how similar Dr. Jekyll is with Griffin, the invisible man.

Both are brilliant scientists, both show some sort of social handicap, both invent a kind of “magic” potion that transforms them and leads them to their doom.

Given that Griffin always trusted the wrong people to carry out his plan of world domination, I definitely see him wanting to team up with Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde.

In the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen they team up the good doctor with an invisible man, but not Griffin. If they did team up, I don’t believe it would have not ended bad for either of them, but it could have meant Griffin would have his reign of terror.

The Invisible Man is still available on the ibookstore http://bit.ly/INVMANPAP

Griffin likes Hyde
Griffin likes Hyde

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