Talent, Born with it?

When I was in high school, there was a debate about dedication and hard work. I said something about drawing and our English literature teacher  dismissed it saying when we talk about draeing we are talking about a talent you are born with and has nothing to do with hard work. 

I remember well, that I was offended. I didn’t think I was born in any special way, and I could prove it! My drawings as a child were not in any way different than other childrens’. What set me apart was that I enjoyed drawing and spent more time on it than my friends.

Another important factor I beIieve was that I also very much enjoyed looking at other people’s art. Whenever I saw  a better drawing than mine, I picked out the elements that made it different and copied them many times. Whenever I saw something new, I needed to be able to replixate it or do a much nicer version of it, in the process many sketch books were wasted while trying to draw a perfect human eye.

It sounds like a punishment, but I enjoyed it and I learned a lot. Slowly my art became far different than people my age and I heard more and more the word “talent.”

It can always be argued that if you are not born with that special “gene-juice” that makes up your DNA, you wouldn’t catch on as easily and that may be true. Having said that, I seriously doubt that all you need is DNA. Some people may take longer than others to be good at something, but with enough practice and dedication anyone can be an artist, a writer, or a musician.The key is whether you like what you are doing enough.

Oil on Canvas, 2011
Oil on Canvas, 2011