Stella Diaries 5: SUMMER CAMP

No more crashing websites, hopefully, and update should be prompt from now on.

The new update is up.


That horrible machine

Everything hurts, but at least they have left me alone

with my memories

There are many things about the summer I was twelve that I don’t remember, and it is partly because it has so been many years ago.

I remember I was the youngest one at the GA Force camp; I was also a late bloomer. Most campers either ignored me, or –worst still– made fun of me.

Like for not having to wear a bra yet

Catherine was one of the people who made fun of me. I only remember her first name because not too long ago I recognized a photo of her in the news.

She was among the first victims of the “Force Catharsis”  

To her executioners it did not matter that she had never joined the Force. The camp was the only thing she participated in that was remotely linked to the Force.

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