Do You Believe in Santa?

I discovered that when you are starting your own project,  life is going to be full of highs and lows. Plenty of highs and lows during a short period of time.

If you work really, really hard and you know your business, you tend to reach people who are The Ones to talk to in the business. In my case that would be important publishers. And if they happen to say “wow, you have a product there” you are at the highest of highs.

That doesn’t mean you have made it, though. It only means that maybe you haven’t been wasting your time.

Success is such a beautiful word and it means to each of us a different thing. While I have been successful in one or two things, the one thing that truly matters to me which is being a successful writer and publisher is proving to be an uphill battle.

There are days I just want to give up and ask myself why would I be successful where many, many others have not.

After a year and half of concentrating solely on books, publishing and meeting with people, it proved to be a financial strain, so I took up a job.

I thought about quiting on my dreams and on my hard work, but because I have had positive meetings, I just couldn’t give up.

Every evening after 5.30 I go to my other job, where I write draw and make books till 10pm. There are nights I get so tired  I just want to cry, but that would mean I am letting self pity take over me and I don’t want to do that. If I am not strong enough to believe I can make it, I will pretend to believe until I am able to make it. Will I have to pretend my whole life? It’s an option I am willing to live with.

I have been writing lately for Time Out Beirut.  My latest piece was about adults believing in Santa. The article basically says that adults write to Santa as a way to visualize their goals.

That’s a good idea. I won’t send a letter but I going to write something here for Santa:

Dear Santa,

Adult life sucks. I wish I hadn’t had to work this hard.

P.S I have been good, I swear.

Fishing for Good Luck

Too bad Felix Felicis, Harry Potter’s good luck potion, isn’t real because there are times, I could really use one of those… I swear, though, I would not use it wastefully.

When sitting within the constraints of an empty room with playful lighting, it is safe get to let my mind wander to made up places whether fantastical or realistic and get high on imagination alone. If I ‘m lucky a story-line may form, but I wouldn’t use my good luck potion to secure that.

While I was working for a company that conducts statistics for commercial purposes, I came across a problematic project. For the results to be accurate, the process  involved an interview over half an hour long and had to be conducted at the interviewee’s home. As you can imagine, finding a willing participant and who also fit the criteria was not an easy task; and I thought I needed a whole lot of luck if I was to conduct at least 5 interviews per day. Well I succeeded in doing much more than 5 per day and it was more about persistence than luck.

It is a universally known fact : writers need a lot of luck to be successful.

There is nothing I ever wanted in life more than creating stories. It’s not really about getting published. Don’t get me wrong, my ultimate goal is getting published regularly, but that is only  because my writings would obtain purpose, and my obsession with stories would have meaning. Do I need perseverance or luck to get there?

There were times I didn’t  believe in pure luck and there were times I was convinced it was ill luck to blame for my failures. In saner moments, I figured good fortune may only come when one works hard enough. So let’s just assume I had a lucky potion. There is still so much work to be done.

With persistence one may get lucky. OK, that could have been phrased better: what I meant to say was with hard work you may get to score…
When  you do your homework, you just need only a push, a bit of good luck,  to go all the way.