Because I just can’t wait till it’s summer


Why Do You Draw Sad Girls?

People usually ask me why did you draw a sad girl? I don’t usually draw sad people, or particularly enjoy it, but occasionally I find a story behind a particular face I am drawing, and sometimes the story is sad. I make up characters as I am drawing them, they have background stories and issues.

The more i work on her, the more the story is revealed to me: this girl is feeling regret, but i don’t know why, maybe it is about a lost lover. It is something she did, she pushed him away. Something in her gaze tells me she knows though that the game though is not over yet, but can she do what it needs to be done in order to get him back. Would it be worth it?

(I was inspired by the sad eyes of an actress i saw on TV, but that woman has long blond hair with brown eyes. I felt those sad eyes belonged on a brunette with short wavy hair.)